Case of Cooperation

Banquet Linen

We know, every piece of cloth has its unique temperament. TAI FUNG use fine workmanship to offer you a more perfect life style. We believe, each fabric has its own unique aesthetic feeling, which will bring a wonderful feeling to the guests through clever collocation.

Guestroom Linen

We are dedicated to helping hotels create high-quality and comfortable environment of sleeping . Bringing the joy of enjoying high-end linen to more clients. Abundant experience of linen scheme for top class hotels . Create value of clients considerate service-unchanged all the time.


Standing at the leading edge of the industry all the time. Comfortable, aesthetic, environmental protection. Baby care alike makes finest products.

Hotel lobby Amenities

Exquisite craftsmanship creates top quality artwork, which adds delicate accents to a chic and luxurious ambience.The meeting point of passion and inspiration, the union of perfection and prestige. Incoporating environmentalism and technology, the smooth and simplistic design is created with great intelligence. This is the definition of outstanding.


A new level of luxury in the field of custom-made. Since being good at composing different types of materials together, we are able to design and manufacture items of unique nature.

Leather Products

Ultimate fashionable technology excellent quality of the materials features excellent fittings and flexible practical group with the home to make you feel life is a joy ,a taste and a pursuit.

Outdoor Warmwatcher Heater

Warmwatcher---The watcher that keeps you warm.